Unmanned Systems S350 Supercam

  • scam350

Unmanned aerial vehicle Supercam S350 is designed for panoramic and planimetric aerial photography and video shooting and other similar tasks.

Its modular architecture allows for quick and efficient changes of UAV payloads and aircraft equipment variations. Sealed design of the control system module and payload considerably prolongs service life of the costly equipment by UAV regular operation.

Due to high stability and docile handling UAV Supercam can be used in adverse weather conditions.

UAV configuration with a tractor propeller engine perfectly fits its tasks and provides crew’s safety. Additional space inside UAV wings makes it possible to supply the vehicle with a wide range of control and measuring instruments.

Information and measuring equipment and automatic control system provide video shooting and photography with an actual data record (geographic coordinates, altitude, image number, etc.) It significantly facilitates future data processing and ultimately allows you to automate multiple images stitching and determine geographical coordinates of objects.

UAV is supplied with a photo camera, a video camera, a thermographic camera and a gyro-stabilized television camera.

Technical Specifications:

  • Radio channel distance – 70 km
  • Operational height – 50 – 500 m
  • Deployment time – 10 min.

Operating conditions

  • wind velocity up to 15 m/s
  • operating temperature range –30°С to +30°С
  • moderate rain or snow

Launching – elastic catapult
Landing – with a parachute in automatic or semiautomatic mode
Ground for takeoff and landing – 100 х 100 m
Flight operation mode – automatic or semiautomatic.

Max. Takeoff Weight
Max Speed
S350 Supercam3.54.5120360436000

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