TATI Jebel Assa

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The TATI Jebel Assa (English: “Mountain Watch”) is a UAV developed by Tunisia Aero Technologies Industries (TATI).

The current multidisciplinary R&D program of Tunisia Aero Technologies Industries S.A. endeavors to further enhance the potentiality of the Jebel Assa vehicle for a broad range of civil and military applications. In particular, a great effort is devoted to the improvement of the vehicle’s aerodynamics for enhanced performance and survivability in unsteady flight environments.

The airframe of the UAV prototype developed by Tunisia Aero Technologies Industries S.A. consists of a cantilever high-wing monoplane with a fuselage pod and twin tail booms. The vehicle features sweptback fuselage pod sides and bulkheads for low signature radar. The UAV is constructed using a modular design, whereby the wing is divided spanwise into 3 pieces. The main spar is made of titanium and the wings are hollow to accommodate bladder-type auxiliary tanks. The central wing region is equipped with flaps and the outboard wing with ailerons.

The UAV is designed for the following mission types:

  • city reconstruction mapping
  • remote sensing and mapping
  • land & maritime border patrol
  • sea and land search and rescue
  • long endurance military intelligence
  • reconnaissance
  • targeting
  • surveillance of oil and gas installations
  • inspection of natural disasters
  • precision agriculture
  • fire fighting

The large fuselage volume can accommodate a wide variety of payloads, according to the requirements of the various missions: Electro optical and infrared cam-eras mounted on a turreted 360° gimballed “chin”, gyro stabilized daylight and low light black and white or colour cameras, laser designator, range finder, miniature aperture radar for visibility in conditions of dense fog, radar altimeter, automatic video tracker, nuclear bio/chemical/multiple sensors, meteorological appliances, laser detector tracker pod, and wing-pod ejectable items (such as chaff, leaflets, flares, or communi-cation jammers). Other payloads can be installed: Mine detection payloads, electronic warfare systems, SIGINT, and scientific sensors. Larger and more sophisticated pay-loads for maritime surveillance and search & rescue missions for day and night can be fitted to the UAV (e.g., FLIR)

Fuselage pod dimensions:

Length: 2.5m
Height: 56.0cm
Width: 44.5cm


Max. Takeoff Weight
Max Speed
Jebel Assa4.381.25170168012457530

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