SAGEM Sperwer Mk.II

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The Sperwer tactical UAV system (also known as SDTI by the French Ministry of Defense) is used on a daily basis in combat operations in Afghanistan and in other theaters of operation outside NATO. It is perfectly adapted to tactical missions at a brigade and Task Force level.

The Sperwer Mk.II is launched in automatic mode by a catapult and recovered with a parachute. It can then be operated very close to the area of operations, for example, in a Forward Operational Base (FOB) deprived from take off and landing infrastructures. The entire system – including the GCS – is mobile on light trucks, providing maximum responsiveness and quick operation in support of troops in contact.

Thanks to its Euroflir 350 gyrostabilized EO/IR payload, Sperwer Mk.II can fulfill in real time at day and night all ISTAR missions: intelligence gathering, surveillance, target acquisition, reconnaissance and direct support to ground troops. It provides top-quality high-resolution images that are essential for accurately assessing the tactical situation and identifying threats. Its optronic sensor combined with the navigation system allows to provide accurate target coordinates to artillery units or combat aircraft.

Mk II is the latest Sperwer standard that includes all the evolutions that have been made to the Sperwer system since 2003. It has been optimized based on the return of experience obtained through the support of SPERWER customer deployed in external operations. A new-generation GCS with a reduced footprint is now available. Sperwer MK II benefits from enhanced performance in terms of payload (Euroflir 350) and air vehicle recovery improvement.

Main characteristics:
High-performance gyrostabilized day/night EO/IR payload

Catapult takeoff, parachute for recovery

Digital data link in Ku (15GHz) bandwidth. UHF band redundant link

Air Traffic Control integration : Transponder/IFF mode 3C and on-board VHF relay for communication with ATC

Handover capability between two GCSs

Air transportable in C-130-type freight aircraft

Direct image transmission to ground troops and forward observers via Sagem RVT


Max. Takeoff Weight
Max Speed
Sperwer Mk.II3.54.2330166.682006457250