SATUMA Mukhbar

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Mukhbar (Translated from Urdu to English as: “Informer”) is a short range unmanned aerial vehicle designed and manufactured by SATUMA of Pakistan. Mukhbar is a scaled down version of the SATUMA Jassos II. The fuselage and wings are made of non-metallic materials to minimise radar signature. The UAV is fitted with an avionics suite including autopilot, telemetry, video transmitter and day light camera. Operated from a portable ground control station (GCS), it has an operational radius of 30–50 km.

Powerplant: 1 × 120 cc 2 cylinder, 2-stroke gasoline engine

  • Electro-optical payload
  • Real-time data-link
  • Remote control/pre-programmed autonomous navigation system

  • Manufacturer

    PakistanSATUMA (Surveillance And Target Unmanned Aircraft)Islamabad