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Based in Leimen, Germany, MAVinci is a young and innovative company dedicated to producing solutions for aerial surveying (alumnus of ESA Business Incubation Centre Darmstadt).

MAVinci specialises in the development of Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) technology, designed specifically for automated mapping of construction sites, pipelines, disaster areas, mines and quarries.

Their unmanned aerial systems enable easy and fast documentation of construction sites, disaster areas, survey of development areas, stone quarries or waste disposal sites are possible.

Besides selling and renting UAS, the company also offers the service to take the images for their customers.

MAVinci already has several distributors throughout all of the continents, mostly specializing in geomapping and surveying solutions.

For the data capture, MAVinci developed the orthophoto UAV SIRIUS I, which is a fixed wing UAV with about 1,6 m wingspan and less than 3 kg take off weight; this system was especially designed to be used by anybody with no prior experience with UAVs or model airplanes.

See below some specs:

  • Simple automatic flight planning
  • Automatic operation from take off to landing Autopilot assisted manual control
  • Safety and emergency actions
  • Fully operational up to 50 – 65 km/h wind
  • Operation temperatures: -20° C to +45°C
  • Life cycle: > 200 landings with one body
  • Maximum flight time: 55 min
  • Transportation in < 20 kg metal box
  • Only 1 operator required

The area that can be covered during one flight with this SIRIUS I drone drone depends on the Ground Sampling Distance (GSD: size of area represented by each pixel in a digital photo): due to the low flight altitude high resolutions of 1.5 to 10 cm GSD are typically achieved.

In one 40 min flight one can cover:

– in case of computation of pseudo orthophotos (60-65% overlap in flight and 10% in side direction):

  • 960 ha at 10 cm GSD;
  • 500 ha at 5 cm GSD;
  • 190 ha at 2 cm GSD

– in case of computation of digital elevation model/true orthophoto (70-75% overlap in flight and 60% in side direction):

  • 450 ha at 10 cm GSD;
  • 226 ha at 5 cm GSD;
  • 86 ha at 2 cm GSD.


Powerplant: 1 x Electric brushless 680 W engine with LiPo battery

Max. Takeoff Weight
Max Speed
SIRIUS UAS1.21.630.252.70.8340000.5

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