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The Aurora Goldeneye is a reconnaissance UAV under development in the United States during the first decade of the 21st century. It is a ducted-fan design in roughly the same class as the Sikorsky Cypher II. This UAV was built under a DARPA contract and is apparently focused on covert or special forces operations.

The Goldeneye is built of graphite and fiberglass composites, and has a low radar, infrared, and acoustic signature.

Begun under the DARPA’s OAV-II Program, the GoldenEye 80 UAS features an advanced Electro-Optical Infared (EO/IR) mission equipment package (MEP), a low acoustic signature heavy fuel propulsion system and a STANAG compliant portable Ground Control Station. The GoldenEye 80 VTOL UAS can support mobile small tactical units and can conduct routine clandestine reconnaissance surveillance and target acquisition missions. The MEP provides two full motion video streams; providing simultaneous wide-field-of-view situational awareness and high-resolution infrared imagery for identification, laser range finding and designation for targeting.

The GoldenEye 80 UAS consists of up to three aircraft and payloads, a one-man portable STANAG 4586 compliant Ground Control Station (GCS), spares, and ground support equipment. The UAS can be transported in theater on tactical air and ground vehicles. The GoldenEye 80 can be launched by a single two-man team in minutes and is capable of speeds from hover to 80 knots at mission altitudes.

The GoldenEye 80 is capable of supporting missions up to three hours over an area of interest. With multiple crews, a single GoldenEye 80 UAS is capable of providing continuous coverage during surge operations over a designated area of interest.

Features and Benefits:

  • Operable from unimproved austere locations
  • Fully autonomous takeoff, operations and landing
  • Heavy fuel engine
  • Interoperable with OSGCS, TCDL, and ROVER remote video terminal
  • STANAG 4586 compliant GCS
  • UAS transportable on single 463L pallet
  • Transport via HMMWV and CH-47
  • Small logistics footprint
  • Specs

    Max. Takeoff Weight
    Max Speed
    GoldenEye 802.921.651042223304811.34

    USAAurora Flight SciencesManassas,Virginia