Frequently Asked Questions :

Q : How do I get my company listed on your site ?
A : First send us an email with the following details (our email address can be found on our Contact Us page):
1. Company name.
2. Name of city where the company is Headquartered.
3. Web address of your company’s website.

Once we have received your email we will check out your website and see if we want to list it on our site and under which section. When we have decided, we will be in contact to advise you if we will list it and where. We reserve the right to refuse a listing to any company or remove a company once listed at our discretion.

Q: How much does it cost to list my company on your website ?
A : The service is currently free.

Q : What are the criteria for choosing a company to list on your Manufacturer’s List ?
A : Your company needs to manufacture UAVs yourselves, we will not list a company on the Manufacturer’s List if they simply resell some other company’s aircraft.

Q : What about UAV related companies who don’t produce UAVs themselves, can they get listed ?
A : We have a separate page called “UAV Parts and Services” where all non-UAV manufacturer companies are listed and will be happy to list your company there subject to our discretion. If we feel that your company has little to do with UAVs then you will not be listed.

Q : Can I buy UAVs or spare parts from UAVGlobal ?
A : No, we currently don’t sell anything from this website, we just provide information on UAVs and links to Manufacturers. If you wish to buy a UAV or spare parts, please contact the relevant manufacturers directly.

Q : Are you sponsored or funded by any UAV manufacturer or government agency ?
A : No, we are currently funded by advertising on the site , are wholly owned by an independent private company and have no links to any other UAV company or any government. If you wish to discuss possible future sponsorship opportunities on our website, please contact us.