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The FANCOPTER is an airborne reconnaissance system from EMT , which was especially developed for use in urban areas and inside buildings. It consists of an unmanned aerial vehicle as a payload carrier and a ground station. Using interchangeable reconnaissance sensors, the system has the ability to transmit realtim video for a reconnaissance flight stored video for in theatre observation after landing. Operation is by one operator.

The FANCOPTER system uses counter-rotating rotor system combining speed, stability and hovering with small dimensions (65 cm diameter, 40 cm height). the FANCOPTER air vehicle weighs 1.3 kg, can be carried and operated by a single soldier, transmitting live video over a distance of 500 meters. The system uses collision avoidance technology, enabling the compact air vehicle to operate near and even inside buildings.

Flight Control
The flight control of FANCOPTER is either autonomous by programming waypoints or by a pilot on an operator panel with video monitor . He is assisted by an autopilot , which after entering the control commands by recourse to various sensor data , stabilize the situation and balance the drift and wind influences. The aircraft takes off and lands automatically. The connection to the control computer is via radio or via optical fiber.

A modular payload receptacle FANCOPTER can be used in all lighting conditions. As sensors may be used:

  • Light camera: swiveling miniature color video cameras with wide-angle and telephoto
  • high-resolution camera for aerial photography after flight
  • Twilight Camera: Camera in the near infrared (IR) range with optional IR lighting
  • high-resolution infrared video camera to use in the dark.
  • Video data is stored for later analysis and sharing. The video image is displayed in the operator’s panel in real-time , aiding flight control and real-time intelligence gathering and may also be displayed on either another monitor or video glasses. Other optional payloads are sensors for chemical substances and radioactivity as well as microphones .


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