Embention M600

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High Performance

The NM& M600 multirotor offers an optimal performance for executing operations on a quick and easy way. Thanks to the precise vertical takeoff and landing it permits to operate from any location, even in wooded areas. The carbon fiber, foldable and lightweight design makes it easily transportable and compactly storeable.

The multirotor installs Veronte Autopilot as avionics system, it permits the NM& M600 be ready for operation in few minutes. Veronte is a high performance flight control system that embeds all sensors and processing elements necessary for the control of the platform as well as a communications module for interaction with the control station (telemetry and telecommand) and for taking manual control at any time during the flight.

Applications and Industries

The NM& M600 is able to execute operations in various areas of the industry: image capture, transport, logistics, agriculture, …

Its application in control, supervision and monitoring functions permits to improve the productivity in companies that operate with drone multirotor systems.

For photogrammetry and topography applications, the system supports post-processing tools of aerial imagery: Agisoft Photoscan, Pix 4D, Postflight Terra 3D, Smart Planes Aerial Mapper, …

Progress reports, stock measurement, resource management, downtime reduction, help for meeting deadlines, …

Location planning, impact studies, help for choosing building orientation, construction progress management, …

Crop Management
Increase performance, save monitoring time, real crop state control, absorbed sunlight measurement, …

Cartography & Topography
Production of precise cartographic and topographic material, geographic data, 3D models of terrain, …

Mining, Oil & Gas
Extractions management, environmental protection, reduction of hazardous conditions, calculation of extracted volumes, …

Border control, maritime search and rescue, private property monitoring, concentrations of people,, …

Autonomous flight
The NM& M600 is able to perform completely autonomous operations. Thanks to the software Veronte Pipe an autonomous route can be configured from any PC or tablet, performing the entire mission automatically.

Automatic Routines
Customizable routines: camera activation, payload control, go home, …

Flight mode
Automatic and manual control, with change capability at any time during the flight

Customizable Interface
Background map and telemetry information displayed on the PC / tablet selectable by the user.

Highly Configurable
Speed, altitude, waypoint events, multipath load, repeatable missions, …

There is a wide range of payload options available, depending on operational requirements, it is also possible to install any customized payload, up to 1800 gr.

  • Mapping Camera
    16.1, 24.3, 36.4 MP or custom sensors
  • Multispectral Camera
    Auto shot or real time video streaming
  • Video in Real Time
    Visible and thermal camera
  • Customization
    Payload release, sensors, photogrammetry…


Max. Takeoff Weight
Max Speed