Embention M400

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  • Ready to fly.
  • Fully autonomous.
  • Custom payloads.
  • Foldable and lightweight carbon fiber design.
  • 4 asynchronous propellers

Professional performance
NM& M400 multi-rotor is a fully autonomous system with high performance capabilities that makes it unique for professional operations. The NM& M400 is a simple and intuitive machine with advanced control capabilities.

Installed avionics system is the Veronte Autopilot, a high performance control system embedding all sensors and processing elements required, in addition to a radio module for telemetry transmission and manual control.

Thanks to the avionics system and the vertical takeoff and landing capability, it performs fully autonomous missions, even in confined spaces. It is ready to operate immediately, simply deploy the foldable carbon fibre structure and turn on the control station.

Autonomous Missions
Missions are preconfigured through the control software Veronte Pipe, permitting to perform fully autonomous missions: waypoints, 3D curves in the space, automatic payload activation and control…

Mapping tools
Simply select an area for mapping or topograph, and introduce desired photo overlap and GSD.

Missions with curves
Replacing the traditional waypoints for performing smoth and versatile flights.

Flight mode
Automatic and manual control modes; user changeable at any time during the flight.

Highly Configurable
Speed, altitude, waypoint events, load multiple routes, repeatable quests…

It can be choose between several types of payload adapting the platform to the operation to be performed, besides being able to adapt any type of custom payload, not exceeding the maximum payload :

  • Mapping Camera
    • 16.1, 24.3, 36.4 MP or custom sensors
  • Multispectral Camera
    • Auto shot or real time video streaming
  • Real Time Video
    • Visible or thermal video with gimbal camera
  • Customization
    • Load release, IR, sensors, photogrammetry…

Applications and Industries
The NM& M400 is compatible with a wide range of commercial post-processing tools: Agisoft Photoscan, Pix 4D, Postflight Terra 3D, Smart Planes Aerial Mapper, …performing operations for any existing industry.

Focusing in control, supervision and monitoring functions, it can improve the productivity of companies that operate with this multirotor.

Air reports for work progress, stock control, resources management, downtime reduction, help to meet deadlines, …

Site planning, impact study, building orientation definition, monitor the progress of construction, …

Crop Management
Increase the yield, save time in supervisions, real state of the crop control, amount of sunlight absorbed measurement, …

Cartography & Topography
Produce accurate cartographic and topographic material, photogrammetry, geographic data, 3D models of terrain, …

Mining, Oil and Gas
Manage extractions and environmental protection, avoid unsafe conditions, calculation of volumes extracted, …

Border control, maritime search and rescue, monitoring of private property, concentrations of people,…


Max. Takeoff Weight
Max Speed