Elbit Skylark I LE

Elbit Systems Skylark I is a small unmanned aerial vehicle developed by Elbit Systems.

It is a highly covert UAS enabling intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) missions, delivering actionable, high resolution video in real time to its easy to use mini ground control system and to forwardly deployed forces via remote video terminals (RVTs). The system is man-portable and can be deployed by dismounted teams or in vehicle based mobilization / deployment configurations including on-the-move operation.

Skylark® I LE is a highly autonomous system, including a fly-by-camera mode enabling day or night detection and tracking of fixed or moving targets and intuitive mission execution with minimal training.

Skylark® I LE is ideal for lower echelons organic beyond-the next-hill reconnaissance, artillery forward observer functions force protection tasks, as well as various HLS and commercial application missions.

Design and Development
Skylark I is a miniature unmanned aerial vehicle. It is designed as a manpacked system for tactical surveillance and reconnaissance. Skylark is launched by hand. The payload consists of daylight CCD or optional FLIR for night operations. During operation, it sends real-time video to a portable ground station. Recovery involves a deep stall maneuver, landing on a small inflatable cushion. It has a range of 10 km.

Skylark is in operation with the militaries of Australia, Canada, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Israel, Macedonia, Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia and Sweden. It has been deployed in Afghanistan and Iraq. The Skylark I has also been selected by France’s Special Forces in March 2008.


Max. Takeoff Weight
Max Speed
Skylark I LE37.540345721.2

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