MMIST CQ-10B Snowgoose

The self launch variant or “BRAVO” SnowGoose UAV system has vertical take off and near vertical landing capability, is designed to be operated from unprepared launch and landing sites and has unmattched flexibility with regard to operating location and terrain.
The CQ-10B variant is an incremental upgrade to the existing CQ-10A system. The operator simply selects and installs the self launch kit and programs the selected launch mode during mission planning.

The CQ-10B retains all the advantages of the existing CQ-10A, namely:
Inherant stability and simplicity
Fail safe power off landings
Air launch capability, and
Easily ground, sea, air transportable as organic equipment

While in “BRAVO” mode the system provides all the capabilities of the “A” model plus:
More than twice the wind penetration
Twice the range in zero winds
Four times the range in 15 Knot head winds
Near vertical take-off and near vertical landing for greater operational flexability
Fewer operators
Shorter operator training
Up to 500 lbs (227 Kg) of cargo
Softer landings and reduced maintenance
Exceptionally high cross wind launch capability and,
A greatly reduced launch and landing footprint of 100 ft (30 m) radius

The CQ-10B and combat service support:
A high endurance, flexible, observation and communications platform
Force and area protection using cameras, loud speakers and illumination flares
Small unit re-supply, up to 2400 lbs/ 24 hrs (1088 Kg/24 hrs) in a 93 mile (150 Km) radius from base
A key element in an integrated logistics plan when used as a return ferry for heavy drop guided parachute system guidance units


Max. Takeoff Weight
Max Speed
CQ-10B Snowgoose2.96351206005500227

CanadaMMISTOttawa, Ontario