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Codarra has developed the AVATAR as a private venture R&D project to extend our in-house surveillance and image capture capability. We perceived a need for real-time, geographically referenced imagery to be available to small ground patrols, and developed a user-requirement to address this perceived need.

The AVATAR Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) has been designed to provide short range ‘over-the-hill’, or ‘around-the-corner’ reconnaissance. Images are transmitted to ground forces in real-time to facilitate tactical planning and decision-making.

The standard payload consists of a hi-resolution digital still camera providing a real-time video downlink. Other sensors may be added to the aircraft to meet specific requirements.

The flight vehicle breaks down into easy-to-transport sections able to be carried in back-packs or ‘Pelican’ cases.

The AVATAR flight vehicle is an all electric system for reduced acoustic signature and safe operation with no requirement to store or handle messy fuels. The AVATAR UAV is fully re-usable and rechargeable.

With the flight path entered via a laptop and using GPS based navigation, the AVATAR carries a payload of two closed circuit video cameras with optional configurations including high-resolution digital still cameras and night vision available.

The basic platform costs approximately AUS$50,000 and the AVATAR developers, Codarra Advanced Systems, state that it will serve in a range of civilian roles as well as be equipped for specialised military applications such as thermal-imaging and laser-range finding in the future.


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