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The ASN-209 UAV System (also known as the “Silver Eagle”) is a multi-purpose UAV product developed by ASN Technology Group and designed for Medium Altitude Medium Endurance (MAME) tactical missions. Via data link and ground control subsystem, the ASN-209 UAV can perform aerial reconnaissance, battle field surveys, target location, destruction validation and artillery fire adjustment in day and night in real time. The ASN-209 UAV System consists of aircraft, airborne mission payload, GCS and launch and recovery equipment.

Functional Notes :

  • ASN-209 uses digital flight control and navigation system, its flight control mode has manual, program and emergency control.It was GPS and data link to locate the aircraft. The system operation is easy to master.
  • ASN-209 uses rocket booster launch, parachute recovery, no need to use the airport makes the system operation flexible. GCS adopts digital computer control technology, which enables multitask planning and real-time editing during flight.
  • ASN-209 uses 2-boom, rear installed engine disposition. Excellent overall aerodynamic design and EMC design enable the system to install many different kinds of airborne equipment, such as electronic countermeasures, communication relay and weather detection.
  • The coverage radius is 200 km, endurance over 10 hours. ASN-209 UAV System can supervise a large area or frontier within one sortie. If 2 UAVs take duty by turns, the ASN-209 UAV System can work for 24 hours continuously.


The ASN-209 was developed on 2011 by ASN Technology Group, which is a Chinese company specialized in Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). Egypt and China had signed an agreement to build twelve ASN-209 UAVs including technology transfer in order to enhance Egypt’s domestic drone industry. In addition, China uses fewer proprietary technologies in their designs in order to reduces licensing and manufacturing costs as the ASN-209 system costs 30 percent less than comparable US design while providing many of the same performance and most of the same tasks.

On May 2012 six Egyptian drones of ASN-209 was built in collaboration with a foreign defence manufacturer during the first phase and are fully operational under the Egyptian armed forces according to Hamdy Weheba, the Chairman of the Arab Organization for Industrialization which he claimed that Egypt has started the production of the ASN-209 Multi-purpose UAV System and about 99.5% of the components are locally manufactured. He also claimed that with the latest manufacturing venture, Egypt is entering into the second phase of mass ASN-209 production.


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