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This is a light one-seater helicopter designed to complement the services of the Strix in relation to weight and volume of payload, while still being easy to transport and operate. Stationary flight allows it to carry out missions at low altitude and in uneven terrain. At the same time, its vertical landing and take-off make the Chi-7 the ideal vehicle to carry bulky, heavy sensors and operate in unimproved terrain and from ships. As well as remote control operation as a UAV, the Chi-7 can be flown conventionally by a human pilot as a manned aircraft. This dual manned- unmanned capability gives it extra flexibility in carrying out intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance missions.

The alternative use of the Strix and the Chi-7 in accordance with the specific needs of the task is possible with minimum operating and investment costs, as both aircraft use the same Automation Unit. Another advantage of using the same electronic rack is the ease of integration of the operating software for both aircraft in the same ground control station. The reliability of the mechanical systems of the Chi-7 is confirmed by the over 250,000 hours flown by more than 400 units sold worldwide.

Engine: Rotax 912 – 100 HP
Sensors: Cameras EO/IR, FLIR, SAR y LIDAR. Crop Spraying Systems.

Max. Takeoff Weight
Max Speed
Chi-7 Helicopter7.156450190104500230

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