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Shadow M2 is the next generation of the Shadow 200 TUAS.

The Shadow M2 is a significantly larger and heavier version of the RQ-7B Shadow and adds new features for even greater mission capability and performance. The M2 incorporates a tactical common datalink (TCDL) supporting interoperability with other manned and unmanned aircraft.

The aircraft accommodates higher-altitude flight and offers flexible payload configurations, allowing it to serve in similar mission capacities to much larger, more expensive systems.

The M2 offers considerable performance improvements over the RQ-7B, not least with the extra payload capacity provided by the second bay. As well as extra sensors, this space can accommodate a fuel bladder, extending the aircraft’s endurance to 16 hours when operated with a rolling take-off – the extra weight precludes the use of the rail-launch system.

The M2 maintains the ability to carry an EO/IR and laser designator payload in the nose, as well as a synthetic aperture radar/ground moving target indicator (SAR/GMTI). It also has an integrated communications relay capability, a satellite data link and keeps hard points on the wings for signals intelligence and other systems.


  • Dual payload bays, plus integrated communications relay and capacity for wing-mounted Multi-Mission Payloads
  • Increased endurance, reliability and performance
  • Same support equipment as the fielded Shadow 200 TUAS, allowing affordable block upgrades and continuity with established training and logistics for existing customers
  • A complete system still portable via C-130 transport

Max. Takeoff Weight
Max Speed
Shadow M27.622416

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